Confusion between universities for MS in Computer Engineering

I have secured admits in the following colleges for pursuing Masters in Fall 2019. I am indecisive and unable to select between the two. Kindly guide me in terms of course and internship opportunities in the Embedded Systems domain .

  1. Northeastern University, Boston in ECE field with concentration in Computer Systems and Software.
  2. San Jose State University in Computer engineering.

Any kinds of input would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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I think a good way to start comparing is to research the relative rankings of both universities for Embedded Systems along with your target companies. Go somewhere where the relative mix of target firm locations and program reputation is good. Naively speaking, going to SJSU for Silicon Valley shouldn’t be a bad bet.

A great way to research career opportunities would be to find out alumni from both of these programs on LinkedIn and see where they are now. You can even approach them and get more specific insights from them.

Hope this helps

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In terms of internship and employment opportunities I guess San Jose is a good option as it has the advantage of location (Silicon Valley) and moreover it is a public university, hence, the low cost of tuition is an added advantage.
Your query has one more part in it (in terms of course), if finances are not your concern, then I must say choose North Eastern University over SJSU. The curriculum of North Eastern University is very reputed in the circles. So, I guess it is up to your priorities.

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The average salary after graduating from North Eastern and SJSU will be quite similar with little difference.There will be hardly any difference in short and long term plus if you opt San Jose State University, the total cost of tuition will go down drastically. And SJSU in terms of ranking and quality is not very behind the North Eastern University. Do not fall for the brand value race.
If you have these two options then in my opinion try for SJSU only.

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Come on brand value matters… if you want to match and sustain for long in the market, considering the importance of brand value matters a lot. I don’t know why are you saying that.