Comparison between UCD and TCD

Which should I choose - UCD or Trinity College Dublin? How do they compare for pg studies and opportunities for international students?

Both the universities are highly ranked. Trinity College Dublin is ranked as the best university in Ireland whereas University College Dublin is a close second. The universities are affordable for international students and there are abundant employment opportunities post your graduation. You can apply for a General Employment Permit which is granted for 2 years and can be extended to up to 3 years. You must have a job offer to apply for this. Additionally, you might get a green card if you earn more than 60K Euros annually.

Since you haven’t mentioned your target course, it would be difficult to compare the universities but, in general, Trinity College Dublin is renowned for courses like mathematics, sciences, arts, and humanities. UCD is also a good option for humanities and sciences. But when it comes to engineering, UCD’s facilities are better. UCD’s clinical and health studies are also recommended.

Curriculum, tuition fees and living expenses should be the driving force of your decision while choosing the college.

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