Can an ECE Graduate with a 7.5 GPA and High GRE Score Get Admitted to a Top 100 QS-Ranked MS in CS Program in the US?

Hello everyone, I am quite confused about my next steps. I have an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a GPA of 7.5. I am currently working as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) in a US-based software company.

Despite my ECE background, I want to pursue a master’s in Computer Science. I spoke to an advisor who suggested it might be nearly impossible due to my ECE degree. However, I believe my current role as an SDE should strengthen my application.

Can anyone advise which universities I might get shortlisted for if I score 320+ on the GRE? Any help is appreciated.

Hi, pursuing an MS in Computer Science (CS) in the US is definitely achievable, even with a background in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). Many universities value a diverse academic background, especially if you have relevant work experience and a good GRE score.

Since you are currently working as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) in a software company in the US, this experience will be a strong point in your application. Highlight your projects, skills, and any relevant work experience in your statement of purpose and resume.
In your SOP, emphasize your journey from ECE to working as an SDE. Explain your passion for CS, the steps you’ve taken to bridge the gap (such as self-learning or relevant projects), and how your background in ECE gives you a unique perspective. A GRE score of 320+ will strengthen your application. Aim for a high score in the Quantitative section as it is particularly important for technical courses.

Consider applying to Northeastern University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Illinois—Chicago, University of Texas—Dallas, and University of Florida.

Don’t be discouraged by initial advice; many students successfully transition from ECE to CS.