Brock University- MEd ISP

I have an admit from Brock University for Masters in Education (ISP) Program and want to know if the course is good and what are job prospects post the course.
I have completed a Bachelor’s in English Literature and have one year of experience as a Teacher and for July 2021, I will have two years of experience.
Help will be appreciated.
Thank You.

The program is specially designed for international students and will give you an understanding about the Canadian education system. On the job front, teaching is a regulated profession in Canada. That means to get work as a teacher, you’d need Ontario Certificate Teacher (OCT) designation, which is a long process. The college has also mentioned that specialization does not lead to OCT designation, which is required to teach in public K-12 schools.
Another thing about regulated professions is that they are regulated at a provincial/territorial level. You will have to apply to the proper authorities to get the certificate as the requirements differ from province to province. For this, you will first have to figure out the province you want to live in. Getting a job post this course might be difficult. The course will, however, provide you with an option to get on-field experience. It is not guaranteed that it will lead to permanent employment as this experience is a part of the course.

The course is average as it covers the basics of teaching in Canada. But if you do want to settle down in Canada and teach there, then a good starting point would be getting a Bachelors of Education, which is also a requirement to become a teacher in Canada in addition to OCT.
I would advise you to chalk out your future plan and then decide if this degree serves that purpose.

Thank you so much for your words above.
The problem with Bachelor’s is that it will be extremely expensive for me compared to a Master’s and I cannot invest 4 years time in education as of now.