Best Countries for Master's in Creative+Tech with Easy PR and Strong Design Job Prospects

What are some good countries to consider for my master’s if I’m interested in Creative+Tech courses and want to settle in the same country after graduation?

I have a BFA in Visual Arts from India and a year of work experience. I want to apply to a country where:

  1. PR is easier to obtain
  2. There are strong design education programs
  3. There are good job opportunities in the design industry.

Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Hey there! Congrats on completing your BFA and gaining work experience! If you’re looking to pursue a Master’s in Creative+Tech courses and settle in the same country afterward, here are some great options to consider:


Canada is an excellent choice due to its welcoming immigration policies and vibrant tech and design industries. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are known for their strong design communities and job opportunities. Plus, Canada’s Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs make it relatively easier to obtain permanent residency (PR). Schools like OCAD University in Toronto offer specialized programs in strategic foresight and innovation.


Germany offers high-quality education and strong job prospects in the tech and design sectors. Berlin, in particular, is a hub for creative industries. The country’s Blue Card program simplifies the process for highly skilled workers to gain residency. Universities like the Berlin School of Business and Innovation offer courses that blend design and technology.


The UK has a rich history in design and technology education. London is a global center for creative industries, and universities like the University of the Arts London offer cutting-edge programs. The Graduate Immigration Route allows international students to stay and work for two years after graduation, which can be extended and lead to PR.


The Netherlands is known for its innovative design programs and strong job market. Cities like Amsterdam and Eindhoven are centers for design and technology. The country offers various pathways to residency, making it easier for international graduates to settle. Institutions like Delft University of Technology are highly regarded in these fields.


Australia offers high-quality education in creative and tech disciplines, with cities like Sydney and Melbourne being hotspots for the design industry. The country has favorable visa policies for international students, including the Temporary Graduate Visa, which allows you to stay and work after graduation. RMIT University in Melbourne is known for its strong design programs.

Each of these countries has its own set of benefits, from quality education to easier pathways for PR. It’s worth researching specific programs and universities that align with your career goals and preferences. Good luck with your applications!