ASU vs Penn State vs San Jose State for BS Computer science

Hi, I got admit from ASU, Penn State( 2+2 plan i.e. initial 2 yrs at Harrisburg and last 2 years at University Park) and San Jose State University) for BS Computer science for fall 2022. Which university should I chose considering the course curriculum, job prospects.

Hi @rd_1972

Choose the university that fits your professional and personal goals. I cannot determine which option will be good for you, you’d be a better judge. I can, however, provide an objective picture of each university.

Please keep following the thread. I will be starting with ASU.


The School of Computing and Augmented Science offers BS in Computer Science with concentrations in Cybersecurity and Software Engineering. You can select these concentrations in your junior yearThe coursework is challenging requiring critical and creative thinking. Figures, as the university is ranked highly and is the number 1 university chosen by international students. Moreover, the Computer Science department and course is ranked #44 in the country. Skills you can expect to learn during your course - learn development of Software, service-oriented applications, modeling notations, software architectures.

Job prospects
The university has published some stats regarding the job prospects and median salary that you can expect after graduation -

  • 83% of the students either started their own venture/business or found jobs within 6 months of graduating.
  • $55,000 - median full-time salary
  • More than 60% of the graduates found a job within Arizona. The rest got placed in California and other states. 1% of the students got placed internationally. (This depends on your performance).
  • Top employers for undergraduates - Amazon, American Express, Honeywell, Banner Health, Intel, The Boeing Company, United States Federal Government and more.
  • Top industries for undergraduates - Healthcare, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Electronic and Computer Hardware, Internet and Software, Retail Stores, and more.

The overall course, department, and the university is good. The only argument against the university is that the acceptance rate is 88%. As a result, the class size could be considerable that it doesn’t give you enough one-on-one time with the professors.


could you tell me which option you chose and why
I also got admit from ASU and Penn state(2+2 harrisburg and UP)

Hi @sahil1

The person has not replied yet about where he has taken admission. However, I am providing you some factual points of both universities to compare. It will make you more aware about both these universities from where you’ve received a grant. Thus, you will be able to conclude more concretely about which university to choose.

Arizona State University
Ranking - 132 by Times Higher Education 2022, 165 by US News 2022, 181 by Center for World University Rankings 2022.
Programs offered - UG Programs - 59, PG Programs - 56, Doctorate Programs - 21.
Admit rate - 84%

Pennsylvania State University
Ranking - 54 Center for World University Rankings 2022, 80 US News 2022, 96 QS World University 2022.
Programs offered - UG Programs - 163, PG Programs - 111.
Admit rate - 49%

You can refer more to it through the following screenshots :-

Wish you all the best!