Ask Me Anything Session With Penn State University Graduate

Planning to study abroad? Here’s your chance to get in touch with a student who has lived his abroad education dreams. Attend our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and clear all your relevant doubts by asking questions to your senior who has graduated from an abroad university.

As the name suggests, your questions can be about anything at all.

The AMA session will be organized on Friday, 23rd October, at 07:00 PM IST.

Host Details
Aditya Pratap Singh has completed his Master of Engineering Management from Pennsylvania State University. He is a Musser Fellowship Recipient with a past background in Industrial Engineering. Aditya completed his bachelor in Industrial and Production Engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College and worked as the Head of Business Operations at SharpNode Technologies. He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant at Pennsylvania State University.

Aditya will volunteer one hour to answer the maximum number of questions in that time frame.

In the session, after the introduction of the speaker, the floor will be opened to the attendees to ask the questions. do not miss the session if you have any query in your mind or want to hear other students asking questions from the senior and get insights from Aditya’s personal experience.

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Hi there Aditya! Greetings from Mumbai, this is Joel and I recently got an admit for MEM at Penn State University (for spring 21), so the timing of this event for me couldn’t have been any better! That also means I have around 4-5 questions so please bare with me.

  1. As far as I know, Penn State has the MEM course in 2 campuses, neither of which is the Main Campus (University Park). I got into the Harrisburg campus. Does this mean my degree will be undervalued by any means, or will it be the same? And also which campus did you do this course from?

  2. The curriculum and the course structure that Penn has provided seems very rigid and fixed. We can choose only two electives, that too from the engineering disciplines. Is there anyway I can complete certifications in sought-after skills such as Business/Data Analytics or Supply chain management, so that it strengthens my chances of finding a job? (Neither of these are in the MEM curriculum). And how feasible would it be to do them along with my MEM degree?

  3. I’ve heard Penn Staters are struggling with the job hunt. What is the job scenario at Penn State? How helpful are they in helping us look for internships and jobs?

  4. Finally, what is your honest opinion about the MEM program overall, at Penn State? Would you recommend it? I do have admits from Northeastern and a few other unis for the same course, but I’m much more inclined towards Penn State.

Extremely grateful for your time!
And thank you Gyandhan for hosting this! :smile:

What is MEM in a layman’s langauge ? Who should do it ? What are the job prospects? And why did you choose Penn State ?

Q1. Is it advisable to go for a course like MEM as a fresher or I should get some experience for couple of years in the industry ?

Q2. Was United States your first option for this course or there were other countries that you preferred more.

Q3. How will my work look like after 5-6 years of Masters from the course in US if I am working in the industry. If you can shed some light on the type of work done & challenges faced as compared to other courses like MBA.

Is it possible for a MEM graduate with 0 work ex to join a company as a product manager?


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I have one more question that i forgot to ask, will i be at a disadvantage for entering in Spring, as compared to fall?

Thank you again!! :slight_smile:

how are the MNC’s working with the lawsuits about the new H1B norms aditya? do you have any idea about this?

hello, im a btech aerospace ug with 66% in 2017. my exp is in 8 months in mortgage finance and since april 2020 working as technical sales engineer in engineering ed tech. Im confused between MEM and IE. does both have data science specialization?

What is avg pay like for a MEM graduate? I talked to some folks on LinkedIn they told that the pay is less and getting H1B visa is also difficult

I have heard that 15 indian students got arrested and 800 indian students’s OPT got revoked by the USCIS, is it true?

I have gre of 317, ielts of 7 and a cgpa of 7.8(Btech in CS) and internships from 2 us based company. I also have won world third rank in NASA ames space competition held in Newyork and puerto rico. What are some safe universities for me in MS in CS.

Should I prefer Stevens institute or San jose for MS in CS or Santa clara?

0 years of experience

Thanks a ton aditya, it cleared a lot of dilemma with me

Should I give my IELTS again? my score is - 9,7,6.5,6.5----avg=7.0

I am from mech interested in tech. What would u suggest ms in cs from normal uni or MEM from a good uni?

Thank you so much