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Arizona State University also known as ASU is one of the top public research universities of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Set up in 1885, it has five campuses across the Phoenix area and four regional learning centres across Arizona. ASU - Tempe, along with its other four campuses has one of the largest students population enrolled with them in the nation, with around 72,000 students enrolled in the fall of 2017. This number constitutes of almost 60,000 students enrolled for undergrad programs and around 12,000 for graduate programs.

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Anyone got admit in Arizona State?

Hi folks,
We are starting an AMA series to put you in touch with seniors who’ve been there, done that.

To kick this off, Abhishek Kumar - who completed his Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering at Arizona State University will volunteer an hour of this time to field your queries. Prior ASU, Abhishek completed his BTech in Computer Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute Technology, Nagpur and did his summer internship as a Software Research Intern at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and after that worked at Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer. Currently, he is working for Walmart labs as Software Engineer 2 at Bentonville, Arkansas.

You can start asking your questions right away. Tune into this page at 6 pm on Friday, July 26th to get your answers. See you then!
Note: The AMA session which was earlier planned on 27th July (Saturday) at 7 pm, due to some reasons we have preponed the event to 26th July at 6pm on Friday. Please note the changes.

Planning for 2020. I have some questions regarding application process. Its overwhelming…

Can we put up queries related to MBA as well?

I need some information related to internships. Not enuf and user friendly info is available on the net.

is doing of MS after 4 years of IT experience going to be useful?
I have been completed my B tech in ECE stream and working in TCS and I am planning to do MS ?
Which courses are good to me?

Hi, please be more specific in your question.

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Sorry, but this will not be relevant to the Senior’s experience.

Hi how difficult is it to find a job after completing MS in CS. How much time do we have to find a job after completing MS before we get deported?
How different is the hiring process in USA as compared to India?

Well…if you are actively seeking the jobs and reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn or at career events,most of the students managed to grab a job…I would say 70-80% students have managed to get a job…or you can volunteer for free…under some professor till you grab your first job…I think it is around 3 -5 months before you are asked to leave the country in case of unemployment.

I did my MS after 4 years of job…that doesnt make a much of difference,in fact that may be useful as you would have a good resume in terms of work experience…any course(MS) in CS or Software Engineering from a good US college should leverage your professional journey…

Internships are little bit hard to get as few companies (still plenty) are there offering internship as compared to full time job as they are not sure if the candiate can do number of things in just 10-12 weeks of internship time.

Having said that,there are always some part time jobs (technical and non technical) available for summer time.You can utilise that time to prepare for full time job opportunities as it takes a while to get used to applying a number of jobs and reaching out to recruiters…

Hi it would be great if you could answer the following questions:

1.)What are the current job prospects in U.S.A for CS? Are companies willing to hire Indians, because I have heard that they have to sponsor the H1-B VISA for us and hence because of this most of the companies are refraining from hiring Indians?

2.)Considering the current scenario in U.S.A how difficult would it be for me to find a job when I am done with my MS in 2022.

3.)Currently I am working as a ETL Developer, I work on a java based tool called Clover ETL, but my interest is towards software development and mostly I will be doing my MS in that domain so after completing my MS when I go for job interviews for a software developer role will my prior experience in ETL be considered as a plus point or would it be futile. Will it be better for me to switch to a software developer role and work as a software developer till the time I am in India?

4.) What is the difference between the education system in India and U.S.A in terms of exam pattern, scoring marks, difficulty level of the questions, etc?

5.) How much of an impact does your prior job role/experience in India have while interviewing for a job in the U.S.A?

6.) What is the difference between the hiring process in India and U.S.A ? It would be great if you could also tell me about the hiring process in U.S.A in general.

Hi. I want to do masters in computer science and related field . I did bachelors in computer science from a college in Pune. But i have low cgpa…5.8…will i be eligible for any university in US??

Okay, will do that

I am preparing for higher studies, hopefully US. I read somewhere in a blog that getting internships is highly difficult for international students in US…Could you shed some light on this matter?

  1. I am from ASU and I saw companies such as Walmart,Paypal,Adobe,Google,Microsoft,Facebook,Amazon,Goldman Sachs,Barclays,etc. recruiting my friends.So,there are ample opportunities if you are good in your skills.Yes,some companies such as Amercan Express ,Bank of America,etc. (mostly banks) have stopped hiring outsiders,but that shouldnt be much of a concern

  2. It is easy ,u just have to look at right places and have a good single page resume (you can refer mine at LinkedIn).Having said that, it all boils down to individual how he is balancing his college course(& college life) and job search.

3)Most companies hire Java based developers…you just need to sell your skilss right and show that you can code when a particular problem statement is given to you.No need to switch roles,just get your java knowledge right and in resume,mention a little bit about your college projects of software development.I have seen students who worked as QA (Testing) but were able to grab software developer roles as they showd that they had knowledge of the langauage and software development.

4)It is very different,but on a generic level,I would say that if you have studied in India, USA education system would be little bit easier for you .The only thing is lot of assigments,which you have to do on your own .They have strcit policies against plagiarism.

  1. A one year job is more than enough.You should be confident in your coding skilss,if you are looking for Software jobs.

6)Hiring process in USA is more of online,although theree are career events,people get interview calls from career event (I git mine), but ya it is mostly online application and reaching to recruiters on LinkedIn


Yes,it is because companies dont expect too much in a period of 10 -12 weeks time,so they dont hire much.
Also,it is not guaranteed that your internship would be converted to full time job easily.
So,it all bubbles up to preparing for full time jobs from scratch.
Keep trying for internships,but if you dont get it,start preparing for full time job as that is the main deal to win

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there is a website WES ,try a free tool to get your score converted to a US scale of 4.0.You will get an estimate of conversion.Try to grab a college seat by having a good GRE score and good recommendations and SOP.
Once you are in USA,no one will see your Indian score but how much you score in your MS plus your technical skills.
I would be in your place ,I would get other things right and apply and see it myself as it is hard to say how the college application is selected