Anyone else stressing about admission preparations?

Hey, guys! Anyone else stressing about admission preparations? I'm eyeing the UTA and I am stressed about all the processes and even after the admission what's the college life like and all that. I am also thinking about taking a loan for the same. Any ideas will be helpful or someone from the college?

Hi Aditi,
I get that you are stressing about the preparations and the overall process. We have an esteemed alumni from University of Texas Arlington here. And he can help you out with your queries.

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Hi Aditi,

I’m Manoj and I’m a graduate from UTA. I understand that you are worried about your admissions. Please ask away if you have any questions.
Regarding the college life:
College campus is huge, really do not have much of night life. Dallas downtown is 30 minutes drive and that’s where interesting things happen. Since Arlington is pretty calm and chill which is in a way good for your studies. It’s fairly easy to get a job on campus . Campus housing is pretty clean and getting a place on campus could be challenging. You have campus bus to get to Walmart, inside campus and UTA stadiums. You have multiple Indian restaurants in Irving , Plano and even close to campus.
I got a college loan from the help of Gyandhan , I did not completely utilize it as my tuition was converted into in-state which helped me save tons of money .
Getting a loan completely depends on 3 things

  1. How much cash you have
  2. How fast you can get on campus job
  3. Your lifestyle
    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

Okay, that will be really helpful. Thank you:)