Anyone else considering the University of New Haven for admission?

Hey guys, just spent some time on this forum. Considering the University of New Haven. Anyone else exploring this option?
Absolutely! Working on SOPs and trying to strike a balance between personal and professional. Do you have some insights on that?
This is the need of the hour. And about LORs, are we supposed to keep it strictly formal or add a bit of our personality?
HeheπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Personality might be a good touch, Vir. Regarding SOPs, are we supposed to delve into a detailed narrative or keep it concise?
Concise it is, Zara! Speaking of conciseness, what about the GRE? Do we need to go all out on vocabulary or maintain a balanced approach?
Well, that is a balanced approach. Now, about the campus, any recommended spots or casual hangouts around the University?
Exploring the surroundings is a good idea, Advait. And what about the weather? Are we expecting a moderate climate or preparing for colder days?
Hopefully, it's not too extreme. Scholarships – are there specific ones we should focus on, or is it more about general eligibility?
General eligibility is usually a safe bet. Before we delve into that, any interesting student clubs? Maybe something low-key and non-academic?
Low-key sounds good. And what about local food? Any recommendations or popular joints we should check out?
Exploring local cuisine is always a good idea. Academics-wise, any standout courses or professors worth considering?
And in terms of future prospects, are there well-known internship or job opportunities associated with the University?
Looking into that is crucial, Aisha. University of New Haven, here we come – navigating SOPs, balancing academic and personal touches, and exploring potential avenues. πŸ™Œ