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Thinking about Cleveland State University
I’m wondering if anyone has been to the university or knows much about it. I’m still a while from applying and i’m interested in Journalism, teaching, or political science.

@anshull I graduated from there, bachelors of English lit - originally was there for teaching but I got some classroom experience and realized it wasn’t for me. I went in the early 2000s. It was pretty good then and it is GREAT now. Aside from having very nice facilities and great staff it is a true urban campus. You are DOWNTOWN and it just feels really, really cool to be there. Very walkable, lots to do, great culture, diverse, etc, etc, etc.

It isn’t a “good school” if you’re also applying to Yale or something but you’ll get a good education, meet great people, and have access to a lot of opportunities - especially if you plan is to stay in Cleveland after you graduate.

I’m a law student so I have a bit different perspective but I love the campus and the facilities. Things are clean, the area around campus is relatively safe and well patrolled. I live downtown and I love how convenient it is (on campus housing is fairly expensive though). They have been actively attempting to grow the on-campus living over the last few years so most of the student housing is newer. Ask any questions I may be able to answer!