A physical admission ofeer letter!🙌

Hey all! I’ve just been accepted into UB and was curious to check with the international students if anyone has gotten a physical admission offer letter sent to their home. (There was an email hinting at a physical admission packet, so just wondering) :sweat_smile:

For my first semester so far, it been quite quiet as I couldn’t make much friends to hang out with. As the other comments saying they don’t give a shit about international students, I am also on that side since the international orientation felt poorly made. (I just went to the event got some freshmen items and a little campus tour) My friend who went to Seattle U said that his school made international students go into groups and had games to make them know each other. I can’t believe they also charge int students a “international student service fee” and the orientation was that. If you plan to travel and visit places in Buffalo, you either need a car or know someone that drives. Personally I prefer a more city like area that you can walk around to places or had better public transportation in general so that’s my bad on not enough research back then. Well that’s my experience for my first semester, will try to somehow better my experience for spring.